A dark eyed man who lives a life free and dangerous, always riding the edge of the storm.


A ranger by nature as much as by training, Crow has the wiry build and piercing gaze typical of those who share his calling. His good humor and generally cheerful personality are balanced by an outspoken conviction that the uncontrolled expansion of civilization will, in the end, bring nothing but misery. He favors simple, practical clothing and subtle, muted earthtones. While generally down to earth, his manner of speach and vocabulary betray education above the station of a wilderness guardsman.


Crow was the child of an acrobat and a lion tamer at a traveling carnival, and grew up thinking he would join the family profession until they were brutally murdered by savage orcs.

Or perhaps he was a wild child, a runaway who left his abusive father and drunkard mother when he was young and lived in the forest off grubs and tubers.

Some have said that he was a smuggler when he was young, running dream dust and fairy wings under the eyes of the city watch for a handful of coppers and a pat on the head.

Ultimately, nobody but Crow knows who he really is or where he came from. When asked, he’ll almost always spin a poetic tale of his childhood, and each time that tale will be different.

Whats important, he says, is not where you were but who you are. You live by a code, enjoy the life you’ve been given, and try your best to do whats right. Do that and the world tends to work itself out.


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