To The Gates of Beyond

Lianca's Journal: Entry 2

Rainstorm, Leviathan, and Skeletons (Intro 2)

Day 2

I awoke early, and readied my supplies for the trip to Donnet. As I rode out of town, I noticed a dark, ominous looking cloud hovering over the sea. I slowed my pace to get a better view, and as I did, I nearly lost my breath, as I saw a dark monstrosity rise from the ocean.

I’m not exactly the best historian in the world, but anyone worth their salt knows what a Leviathan looks like, and that’s definitely what I saw. Although… in legend, and on my cards, a Leviathan is supposed to be white in color, not the shadowless black that my eyes assure me was no illusion.

It was then, to my horror, that I realized there was a large ship amongst the waves, and that the Leviathan was rising to attack. In an instant, the ship shattered before my eyes, and then the Leviathan went into the sea.

It was then that a great storm suddenly wrapped about me, winds as fierce as any pounding hurricane, and rain so thick that I could barely see two feet in front of me. Water permeated my clothing, nearly all the way through, and I knew suddenly that I must find shelter. Going all the way back to Wilesburg (even though only a few minutes away) or Donnet would prove exhausting, so I glanced about, looking for something a bit more temporary.

On the hill closeby, stood a holy shrine of Melora, and even though there were no lights, it looked to be a suitable shelter, and so I urged Ume toward the small beacon of hope. As I tethered my horse and made my way inside, I could see that the shrine was in need of repair, but it seemed to be keeping the rain at bay, at least enough that the water droplets wouldn’t be pounding into my skull any longer.

There inside, were two men, one older, some sort of holy man, and a younger acolyte, who looked as frightened as a small child might be of a giant spider. It wasn’t long before I saw what had them occupied. Both were watching an immense battle on the beach: a small group of dwarves were battling a horde of skeletons. In the distance, I could hear some sort of wailing… and my thoughts drifted to the sea and the shattered ship. Were there any survivors from the destruction the Leviathan had caused?

The dwarves were doing well at first, but soon the sheer number of skeletons had begun to overwhelm them. As the noble dwarves began to fall, the priest ran to help them, and I followed suit, unwilling to watch good people suffer at the hands of such monsters.


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