To The Gates of Beyond

Lianca's Journal: Entry 1

Leaving La Sald (Intro 1)

Day 1

An arrow flew through my window in my small shop in La Sald, and upon it was a hastily written note: “Tell the Iron Flower that Fate holds the secret. Lay low, they are looking for you. Leave for Donnet NOW. They are here. I will find you later.”

I scarcely had time enough to read it before there came a loud knocking from the shop front, and several voices were shouting, “City Guard!” With only a second to make a decison, I ran into the backroom to grab my pack, and headed for the back door.

Who exactly were “they” and who had sent me this mysterious note?

As I ran for the back door, several uniformed persons (of questionable origin, and certainly not City Guard) started to chase after me. Close at my heels, I (almost regrettably) pushed over my favorite dining chair to block their way. The distraction worked to buy me a little time, as they tripped over the obstacle and fell into each other.

Escaping through the alleyways, I made my way to main street and pulled a dark cloak over my head, hoping to lose them in the crowd. My distraction worked, and I headed straight to my stable to get my horse, Ume.

In no time, I had him saddled and I left town immediately, setting off for Wilesburg. When I arrived, there were no signs of trouble, and so I rented an room for the night.

Who were those people who were chasing me? I’ve not done anything to attract any unwanted gang attention. I’m even more surprised that I had almost no warning… Such strangeness leads me to wonder what hidden mysteries are going on in this town.

I hope that a good night’s sleep and an early rise should see me the rest of the way to Donnet, where I may find more answers.


De_Nova lochiver

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