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  • liancajournal1

    Day 1 An arrow flew through my window in my small shop in La Sald, and upon it was a hastily written note: "Tell the Iron Flower that Fate holds the secret. Lay low, they are looking for you. Leave for Donnet NOW. They are here. I will find you …

  • liancajournal2

    Day 2 I awoke early, and readied my supplies for the trip to Donnet. As I rode out of town, I noticed a dark, ominous looking cloud hovering over the sea. I slowed my pace to get a better view, and as I did, I nearly lost my breath, as I saw a dark …

  • liancajournal3

    Day 2 (con't) As I neared the battle, only two dwarves remained, and the holy priest of Melora. I readied my Shuriken, and sent one flying into the horde of skeletons, aiming sure and truly at one. Despite the damage I had caused, he turned to face …

  • liancajournal4

    Day 2 (con't) As we arrived in Donnet, things appeared to be calm, and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The innkeeper had no news of travelers or strangers, or strangeness, for that matter. I explored the town, thinking about the words …

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