Lands-Warden Krueger

A large, burly, bearded mountain of a man dressed in practical outdoor clothing


Kreuger is a two-weapon style Ranger who wields a khopesh/shortsword. He uses a crossbow for ranged combat. His khopesh is a family heirloom and is magical +1. Other stats to be determined.


Lands-Warden Wilhelm Krueger began as a trapper and hunter in the lands of La Sald many years ago. Several years before they were brutally slaughtered, the La Sald family recruited him to act as a liason between the kingdom and the people who lived on its borders in the wild forests and plains. As a Lands-Warden, his task was to travel the Kingdom and ensure that monsters, humanoids, and bandits did not set up permanent bases within striking distance of the city or its outlying farming and fishing communities. When he did discover such things, he was invested with the ability to call on city guard or to hire locals to dispatch the creatures. Eventually he built up quite a network of trappers, mercenaries, and local villagers who he could count on to stand against the forces of evil. If something is awry in the wilds of La Sald, Lands-Warden Krueger is the man who will deal with it.

Lands-Warden Krueger

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