To The Gates of Beyond

Lianca's Journal: Entry 4

More Mysteries (Part 2)

Day 2 (con’t)

As we arrived in Donnet, things appeared to be calm, and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The innkeeper had no news of travelers or strangers, or strangeness, for that matter.

I explored the town, thinking about the words upon the mysterious note I had received, ducking in and out of the local oddity shops, and even investigating the inn on the other side of town, but there seemed no information to be found. After a quick ale, I soon decided to rejoin the others.

As I arrived, Aikarus was looking quite eager. He suggested that perhaps this “Iron Flower” could be the local blacksmith. A woman blacksmith. It made sense, and I doubt I would have thought of such a thing, if left to my own devices. Everyone decided to come with us, and we made our way down the street to the little blacksmith shop.

After a bit of awkwardness, and my reluctant uttering that “fate holds the secret”, recognition appeared in the blacksmith Kaelun’s eyes, and she suggested that perhaps we were looking for her mother, Hanada, at the apothecary shop.

Upon arriving at the shop, and light introductions were given, I found myself amazed at the sheer size and strength of this woman, Hanada. With a little hesitation, I again uttered the message, and then asked her if she’d ever heard of someone called the “Iron Flower”. Recognition filled her eyes, but she seemed hesitant to give us any details. I explained how the note had come to me, and that I didn’t know who had sent it, only that I had been asked to deliver the message.

Finally, with some convincing that our parents had some connection to her pre-retirement adventuring years, she admitted that “Iron Flower” was a name she went by long ago, and advised us to seek an old woman named Olga to the east. Having never met her, or knowing exactly where she lives, this might be a challenge. Hanada also had no advice on what to tell her once we arrive… so I suppose I’ll have to tell the story again. I certainly didn’t ask for this mess to show up on my doorstep!

Then came a loud knock on the door, and Kaelun’s voice could be heard far away, yelling a warning to her mother. Several uniformed people filled into the room, pushing their way past Hanada, and moving toward us. The older woman managed to throttle and push two of them out the door before slamming it shut, and the rest of us circled around the intruders.

Crow drew back his bow and shot two arrows, through two different people (what talent!), Hadjara unveiled her impressive weapons (Aikarus had asked her if she could fight, indeed!), and spells could be heard from both the dwarf and Aikarus. I drew my dagger and lept into the fray, pushing and shoving until at last, the intruders were down for the count… dispatched so quickly, it was almost difficult to believe it had even happened.

But I did have evidence of the attack. One of those bastards got a good nick out of my side, which I think a little rest will patch up. But DAMN it hurt… and ruined my nice shirt with an evil stain. Perhaps I will see if Aikarus can clean laundry as well as he can dry off our clothes…

Our attackers, those that lived anyway, refused to give us any information. We’ll be turning them into the local town hall, and then… fate-willing, will seek out this Olga.

They are most certainly after us, and we’re no closer to knowing who “they” are. Enemies are like artifacts. You’ll never find the one you’re looking for, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. And that, is exactly what I intend to discover.


De_Nova lochiver

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