To The Gates of Beyond

Lianca's Journal: Entry 3

More Mysteries (Part 1)

Day 2 (con’t)

As I neared the battle, only two dwarves remained, and the holy priest of Melora. I readied my Shuriken, and sent one flying into the horde of skeletons, aiming sure and truly at one. Despite the damage I had caused, he turned to face me, and I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

Bright light flashed from the hands of the cloaked dwarf, and skeletons staggered backwards. Holy magic!

It was then, through the pounding rain, that I noticed motion upon a hill in the far distance. From what I could see, it looked like an archer, firing arrows at the abominations. Skeletons were dying, and soon their numbers were noticably smaller. Still, enough remained that I pressed on, and readied my throwing weapons once more.

From the distance, a man rode nearer, upon horseback, racing across the landscape. I watched in amazement as fiery magic flew from his hands, assaulting the skeletons from all sides. Undoubtably some sort of wizard, this man did not hesitate to join in the battle.

The skeletons were no match for us, and were soon dispatched, with only minor injuries to all those left standing. Sadly, several dwarves did not rise to stand again… and the two who had lived stood with somber expressions on their faces.

And then, from the sea, I saw a woman crawling across the sand. Soaking wet and exhausted looking, she tried to stand, and may have been able to do so on her own, but before she could, one of the dwarves (one in robes, strangely enough) helped her to her feet. I went a little closer to investigate, and as the crowd of survivors drew near to each other, we heard the wizard yell for us to take shelter at the shrine.

Once there, there was little to say. All of us were stunned.

The wizard dried himself off and then started lighting extinguished candles and braziers. When he spoke again, there was something familiar about his voice, and we stared at each other for a time before he said my name. It was then that I recognized him, a friend from long ago: Aikarus. And how he had changed. No longer a boy, but a man, and a rugged one at that. All I could do was blink in surprise, and he nodded. As usual, he needn’t explain anything… there would be time for that later.

Those who remained standing, tried to piece together what had happened. Seeing a Leviathan. A sudden storm (which was tapering off after only a few minutes of pounding rain—how odd) and a horde of skeletons, rising from the sand itself, from where?

The dwarves, the girl, and the ranger went to bring back the fallen bodies of the dwarf’s companions, and I turned to Aikarus, asking him if he’d heard of anyone called the “Iron Flower”. He had not, but he said it sounded like a name his father may have known. I showed him the mysterious note, and together we decided we’d best keep it secret until we were sure we could trust our new companions.

As the rainstorm passed, it was decided that we would go back to Wilesburg, get a good meal, and then press ahead to Donnet, to search for clues. Somehow Aikarus convinced them all that this would be a good course of action, despite not explaining why.

It was there at the inn in Wilesburg that I learned that the mysterious girl who had washed up on shore was a princess named Hadjara from the Sea of Gold. She had been sent away from her lands by her father, seeking to protect her life. Rathikos, the red dragon of legend, had attacked their castle.

The dwarf, Rurick, also known as the “world walker” vowed to help the princess return to her native lands, if that’s what she wished. It seems he’s dedicated to helping to find out the root of these sudden mysteries, and the others as well. Even the ranger, Crow, who has a strange sense of humor decided to come with us.

They seem like good people, and hopefully I can soon share with them what I know of this odd situation. Which unfortunately isn’t much.


De_Nova lochiver

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