To The Gates of Beyond

The Adventure Begins

The heroes toughest encounter - each other.

Location: Shrine of Melora near Wilesburg

The hurricane was relentless and appeared out of nowhere. Within minutes, the idllyic summer day was transformed, and no one could have guessed it was a herald for an even greater threat; the Leviathan. It shattered the lone ship that was caught in the midst of the hurricane like it was driftwood, its occupants tossed into the merciless waves.

On the shore at the shrine of Melora, Rurick II Blackforge, known by many as the ‘Worldwalker’, watched the attack by the black Leviathan on the ship and headed to the shore to see if he could somehow lend aid. Then from out of the sea and sand rose the skeletal remains of hundreds of people, swarming upon Rurick and his four guards.

At about this time, from opposite ends of the scene, two more were entwined in this conflict. Lianca Smith an exotic goods dealer on the run, sought respite from the wind and rain. There she found the priest of Melora and his acolyte intently watching the battle on the beach. The dwarven escorts fought valiantly, guarding their charge, and three fell before the horde was whittled down to a sizeable number. As the lighthouse lit up the sky, the priest of Melora raced down to the beach to aid the dwarves. Lianca followed, not willing to let the priest go alone while she waited in shelter. Crow, a huntsman and tracker, was on his way to the shrine when he noticed the attack on the ship and melee on the beach.

A burst of holy radiance from the Worldwalker almost seemed like the signal for the others to join, as the skeletons were pushed backwards through the sand or into the stormy waters. Lianca flung her throwing knives into the fray, as Crow began picking the undead off with dual arrow-strikes. The priest of Melora asked his goddess for aid, sending skeletons reeling back from himself as well.

As Crow and Lianca aid the dwarves from range against the undead, another soul becomes entwined with their destines. Aikarus Von Faulkin, a wizard and barbarian-friend, came galloping in on horseback after seeing everything from his vantage point at the lighthouse. With a burst of action, Aikarus conjured a flaming sphere into existence while blasting a trio of skeletons with an orb of pure force. Rurick was calling streams of white fire from the cloudy sky, and the priest and the dwarven guard were doing their best to protect him and themselves.

Two skeletons break off from the dwarves and head towards Aikarus’ direction, and one manages to graze his leg before he mutters an arcane word and claps his hands together. The peal of thunder that escaped his hands seemed to come from all around them in the storm, and the two skeletons that assulted him were blown asunder by the force of the spell. With but a thought, Aikarus’s flaming sphere was causing havoc to the skeletons around it. Crow fires a two-fang strike into a single skeleton, and it falls into a pile of bones, never to rise again. Lianca retreats from the pair of skeletons advancing on her, only to turn around and fling a throwing knife at one of them. The skeleton she hits spins in a circle, thrashing out wildly, crumbling the other skeleton that was with it.

(in progress)


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