To The Gates of Beyond

A Crow's eye view, letter to the council

To Lands-Warden Krueger,

Long have we walked the woods together old friend, and now I need you to deliver this message to the council. We both know how dangerous the world can be. It will soon become much more so. The council must be warned, or many innocents will die. You are the only one I can trust to see this through. Good luck.

To The Ruling Council of La Sald,

I can not leave these lands without discharging this final duty. For years now I have walked the woods of this region, helping where I could to make the land a safer place for both the people of your city and the farmers who feed it. In that time I have spilled blood, both that of our enemies and my own, in the support of this cause. In that time I have seen things in the land go from bad to worse.

I write to you today to tell you that what we have seen before was only the beginning. Your lands and your people are in danger. If you wish to survive you must take steps now to establish and secure your borders. The old bandit kingdoms to the north stir, and have been forged into a new Empire, and the goblinoids also march.

Know that this is no passing period of unrest, we stand in the face of the end of an age, and this terrible responsibility has fallen on your shoulders. You must prepare our land and people for war.

It is my hope that actions I am taking will draw some of the evil away from you for a time, but you must be ready in case I fail. Already agents of the Bandit Empire walk the streets of La Sald. Be wary, for the forces of fate are forging great and terrible works in the seasons ahead.

May the Lady of the Lands nurture you, and may the Mistress of Fate guide you to victory.



De_Nova Walkingshark

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