To The Gates of Beyond

A Crow's eye view

Lands-Warden Krueger,

I hope this message finds you in good health. I write to inform you that I will not be making my usual rounds, perhaps for some time, as urgent tasks require my attention. Something dire is afoot and I fear a journey lies ahead that may take me seasons to complete.

For years now, things have been getting worse. Like in the story of Kord boiling frogs for his dinner, we have been placed in the pot when the water was still cool and refreshing and gradually the heat has been turned up. Except some of us noticed what was happening. The steady increase in attacks, the violence, the tempers… all of it getting worse year by year. It doesn’t take a black leviathan (a story you must hear in person to believe) to let us know that something is very wrong with the world.

I certainly don’t believe in coincidences, not on this scale. I suspect that the recent dramatic attacks (including a dragon attack on a royal house in Goldensea and the aformentioned leviathan) and even the death of the La Sald family line are all connected. Many would say the world is at the precipice, but I suspect it has already been pushed over.

I’ve seen the misery and suffering infliced on my home, my woods, and my people on behalf of whatever evil is driving this, and I suspect that this motley group of people is the opportunity I’ve asked the Gods for to put a stop to it.

May Melora’s strength bouy us up in this dark time, and may The Raven Queen guide your arrows. If I do not see you before this is all over, know that you have always commanded my deepest respect and admiration.

Sincerely, Crow

P.S.: Your rabbit stew is still inedible. For your men’s sake, just let Janess do all the cooking from now on.


De_Nova Walkingshark

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